Voice Assist
Similar to Siri, the watch voice assistant can do simple tasks that the user voices. Most commonly, being able to open specific apps within the device (i.e. send message, call person, show steps). 
The most difficult aspect of artificial intelligence is that there are many caveats to how it works a part from 'real' conversation.
Voice AI (Old)
Voice AI (Old)
Error Prompt (Old)
Error Prompt (Old)
The Challenges
The questions to ask for the original interface above include the following:
• Does the user know when the device is listening to their commands?
• Does the user receive transparent feedback on the specific error?
• Is the user educated on how to properly use the feature?​​​​​​​
The Process
Proper error handling is crucial in an evolving system like artificial intelligence - where users contribute to a social learning of adapting to modern technology. 
One of the fundamental philosophies of a connected system is that there is a way to connect tasks back into a cycle of revolving options. 
By giving users options on how they want to react to a specific error, this results in a self-troubleshooting cycle that enables the voluntary motive to learn the system.
Major Changes

Considering the target audience, senior users may need assistance with the education of newer systems.
To help achieve this there are many new options set into play such as a self-troubleshooting cycle for errors, allotment of additional time, and transparency of system communication.
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