My name is Gaurav Vyas, a UX Designer from Greensboro, North Carolina.
My main interests within the User Experience realm comes from an early background in computer science and psychology. I love to learn how the human mind works in regards to emotions, social behavior, cognition, and creativity. Understanding data through user research and applying it into designs are one of the processes I love to work through the most!
I'm passionate about video games. In my spare time, I love to play League of Legends, where I've been competitively ranked in the Top 1% of North America since 2017.
I also run a YouTube channel and Twitch livestream with 600+ subscribers and 100,000+ total views that provides content in video gaming. Along with this, I am the owner of a highly-active and close-knit Discord community with 300+ members.
Lastly, I love going to the gym. Having an active lifestyle is important while being around technology a lot! As of July 2021, I've acquired my Personal Training Certification from ACE (American Council of Exercise) as well as a CPR/AED Certification from American Red Cross.
• B.A. Psychology - The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Core Interests: Human Behavior & Cognition, Emotions, and Creativity
• M.A. Interactive Media - Elon University
Core Interests: UX/UI Design, Coding, Application Development, Graphic Design, and Video Editing
• UX Certification - Nielsen Norman Group
Concentration: Awarded with Specialty in Interaction Design
• Certified Personal Trainer - American Council of Exercise
Core Interests: Calisthenics (Bodyweight Training) and Advanced Protocols for Strength & Hypertrophy
If you'd like to check out books I've been reading + my notes, check them out below.
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