The account onboarding flow, which is the entire sign-up process for new accounts for the Timex Family Connect application is separated into three distinct parts:
Part 1) General User Information
Part 2) HeartFIT (Activity Level) Questionnaire
Part 3) Add/Pair Watch
The improvements revolve around two privacy/verification checkpoints during the onboarding flow. There is the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service acceptance that is required for new account creations to comply with legal standards set by Timex in order for people to use the application & watch device.
• The onboarding flow for Part 1 (Privacy Policy) was set as the following:
Sign Up -> General Information + Account Creation -> Confirmation Email -> Accept Privacy Policy
• The personalized fitness survey for Part 2 is set as the following:
Select Watch Device -> Enter Personal Fitness Data -> Answer Activity Level Questions -> Move onto Add Watch
• The flow for Part 3 (Terms of Service) was set as the following:
Complete fitness questionnaire -> Scan QR Code on Watch -> Enter Confirmation Code -> Accept Terms of Service
📝Improvement #1 - The Privacy Policy and Terms of Service prompts did NOT have decline buttons. The user should have the option to decline these prompts, as it is a part of standard universal design and in general, provides freedom of choice. Of course they would not be allowed to continue further in the onboarding process if they declined the terms, but they are prompted to review the terms if they do press decline.



✔️ Solution: Both “Accept” and “Decline” options for the legal terms were added. If “Decline” is pressed, the user is prompted to review the legal terms once again. If not, the account is not created and the onboarding process does not continue.
📝Improvement #2 - In the event that the user declined the Privacy Policy (Part 1) after confirming their email, the account would have been created and the email address could not be used again. This is an issue that generates un-used accounts and causes problems for users that never finished the onboarding flow that wish to use the application again in the future.
✔️ Solution: By modifying the onboarding flow, I placed the Privacy Policy prompt before the confirmation email process. In order for the user to finish creating their account, the Privacy Policy check was moved one step earlier in the flow to account for users that do not agree with the policy. Therefore with this change, un-used accounts that were abandoned after the policy declination were not generated.

Improved Flow (Privacy Policy)

📝Improvement #3 - In the event that the user declined the Terms of Service (Part 3) after scanning the QR code on the watch and entering the confirmation code, the watch would be paired to the application but the application is unusable due to the onboarding process being incomplete. This is a issue now to those that have to factory reset the watch device to re-pair it with another cellular device.
✔️ Solution: By modifying the add watch/pairing flow, I placed the ToS (Terms of Service) prompt right after the HeartFIT Questionnaire. At this point, the user has created their profile, agreed to the Privacy Policy, and answered the personalized fitness questions that relate to their account. By putting the ToS step before the add/pair watch sequence, we save the watch from becoming unusable if the user does not agree to the ToS.

Improved Flow (Terms of Service)

📝Improvement #4 - Since the HeartFIT Questionnaire and Add Watch process are lengthy (8+ screens with required selections and multiple text forms). The user does not get to ‘take a break’ from the Add Watch process. After the initial account creation (3 screens), it was a frustration for users that get stuck in the process, going screen after screen, wondering when the whole process will be completed.
✔️ Solution: Having an “Exit” method for the user during the HeartFIT Activity Questionnaire was found as useful. Since the device selection protocol comes right after the account creation, we can take a break here and allow the user to have a bit of a rest stop where they’ve completed their account creation and have the option to continue further and link their watch. While adding their watch, if they want to abandon this process and come back to it later, they are now given the option to ‘Exit’ the Add Watch process and come back to it later instead of what feels like having a long, drawn-out interrogation.

HeartFIT Start

Escape Sequence

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